Transformation – रूपांतरण

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Transformation – रूपांतरण

Would you like to change the way you think and feel?

Do you want to stop compulsive thinking and worrying?

Are you seeking the truth and spiritual life?

Your life can be substantially transformed if just learn to take charge of your life by learning how to handle your Thoughts and Emotions

This workshop is full of Energy Management, Mind Management, Emotions Management tools, and Techniques. Spirituality and Meditation add the much-needed seal to Monkey Mind.

Rupantaran is a step-by-step residential workshop that will help you in transforming your life towards raising your Spiritual and Worldly Well Being.

You’ll carry along tools, techniques and that energised you, which will change the way you think and feel fundamentally in your life.

Take a step towards blissful and blessed life.

Transformation is a foundation program for spiritual seekers who are beginners in the spiritual journey. This program will make a beginning for your journey to seek self-awareness, soul awakening & get enlightenment. under the guidance blessings of Guru, Acharya Kamlesh Sharma, this program will introduce seekers to their inner being and prepare them for working with divine energies and energies chakras, and aura.


Releasing of Negative Emotions

– Instilling Positive Energies in Life

– Deeper dive into Spiritual Journey

– Establishing your Soul Connection

– Raising your Consciousness Level

– Learning your Potentials and Possibilities

– Activating Chakras & Kundalini Energy


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15 December
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Sambodhi Aashram



Sambodhi Aashram, Bhankrota, Phagi - Chaksu Rd
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006 India

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