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Sambodhi Aashram

(Place To Rejuvenate, Reboot & Relive)​

Accommodation for your peace of mind

About Aashram

After a decade of transforming the lives of thousands of people around the world, we dream of taking the valuable concept of “Yogic Healings” to a place where more and more people can come & benefit from a state of optimal health and well-being.

At Sambodhi, we have tried to recreate the synergy of mind-body, and intellect not just through the rejuvenating and ancient processes and philosophies of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Vedanta combined with time-tested Yogic Energy Healing therapies which enhance and augment the original.

Premium apartment amenities

‘Home is where peace is’ and for retiring during the night you have hut-style accommodation; which have all the modern comfort amenities. The entire residential ares exudes a serene ambience, that blends rich, earth-tone hues within a simple yet elegant setting.

To give you your own space and privacy, the huts are not placed one-after-another like an industrial setup. But, each hut is at least 10 feet away from the other. Moreover, the L-shaped setting also gives view of the entire area from every hut; in case you choose to sit and relax in your personal area outside your hut.

Connectivity From Airport, Bus & Train

Retreat Programs

satvik Food

Individual & Shared Accomodation

Trying to uncover your inner self can be a tricky process. For one, you hold multiple identities in your life, each with its own set of socially defined values and expectations. 

Self-Discovery & Energy Healing

Vision & Mission​

Our Vision is to make this world free from disease and medicine, through research work on the knowledge-base of our great saints and sages. 

Aacharya Kamlesh believes that we should work hard to propagate Meditation, Self-consciousness & Yoga as a “free” medicine for the treatment of diseases round the globe, through in-depth research in accordance with the parameters of modern medical science, so that the rich and poor may avail its benefits in order to attain sound health. 

Aacharya Kamlesh wants to form a new integrated system of treatment, consisting mainly of the techniques of Yoga and Ayurveda, for Surgery and Emergency cases, Allopathy, Homeopathy, Unani and Acupressure to soothe patients suffering from unbearable pains and rid them of disease. Secondly, to evaluate methods of treatment of Physical Body, Etheric Body, Astral Body, Mental Body and Causal Body beyond the present incomplete system of treatment for cure of physical body alone.

Testimonials & Reviews

What a beautiful experience and very pleasant staying was to be in at Aurora Suites - I've been to each and everyone of them, and always so satisfied to return, again and again ...
Vandana Choudhary
regular visitor

Looking For Peace OF Mind?

All our retreats and programs at the aashram are designed specifically for d


Sambodhi Aashram, Bhankrota, Phagi - Chaksu Rd, jaipur, Rajasthan 302006
EMAIL : contact@ays.in
PHONE :+91 93183 93986, +91 96644 79062


Nearest Airport, Railway Station, and Bus Stand: Jaipur; well-connected with major metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedadab, etc.

Distance: 60 Kms from Jaipur.

Weather: Summer (Apr-Sept) Winter (Nov-Mar) 

Reaching Aashram: Taxis are readily available; alternatively, our round-the-clock travel desk is ever-ready to serve.