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AYS is known for its effective principles of teaching and training methods. It has been running some career-oriented, self-development and practical training courses. One such course which helps you to enhance your Yoga skills is the 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course. It is a structural and alignment-based course that gives you expert level Yoga Training. In 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course, you learn and master all areas of Yogic science, its practices and poses. Raise the knowledge of Yoga and explore the possibilities related to it while learning this master-level equivalent course. Convert your passion for Yoga into a golden career with numerous health and professional benefits.

Benefits ( 500-Hours Yoga Teacher Training )

  • Take your theoretical yoga learning and practice to an advanced level
  • Learn teaching methods of Asana, Pranayama and Dhyan
  • Develop deep knowledge of Yog Sutras of Patanjali And Vedanta
  • Increased knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and its correlation to yogic practices
  1. Art And Science Of Mantra
  2. Mantra And Its Power
  3. How Mantra Is Made
  4. Is Mantra A Religion?
  5. Sound Vibration
Mantra Chanting
  • Om Mantra- Proper Way Of Chanting
  • Peaceful Shiva Mantra
  • Energy Awakening Durga Mantra
  • Kundalini Mantra
  • Krishna Mantra For Joy
  • Ganesha Mantra For Stillness And Obstacles Removing
  • Mantra To Be Led Towards Light And Immortality (Asatoma)
  • Surrender Mantra (Twamevamata)
  • Mantra To Save Life And Journey (Trayamvakam)
  • Mantra For Purification Of The Mind (Gayatri)
  • Guru Disciple Study Mantra (Sahana)
  • Guru Mantra (Guru Brahma)
  • Patanjali Mantra (Yogenacittasya)
  • Surya Namaskar 12 Mantra (Om Mitraya)
Yoga Asana Alignment
  • Alignment Sense
  • Role Of Alignment
  • Alignment– Its Importance & Its Different Aspects
  • How To Balance Prana And Chakras
  • How Alignment Works In The Koshas
  • Risk Injuries Reduction
  • Improving Joints Mobility
  • Alignment Based On Body Regions
  • Limb Alignment – Upper & Lower
  • Torso-Thorax-Abdomen-Pelvis Alignment
  • Alignment Of Head And Neck
  • Spinal Alignment
  • Basic Alignment Postures
  • How To Bring the Body In A Tranquil Environment
  • Create An Equilibrium Between Body And Mind
  • Yoga Adjustment’s Practicality
  • Proportion Of Yoga Adjustment
  • Need Of Adjustment In Yoga Asana
  • Adjustments- Its Role In Yoga Asana Class
  • Adjustments– Its Right Techniques
  • When And How To Do Bandhas
  • Each Asana Exploration Dynamically
  • How To Adjust Self-Adjust In A Posture
  • Methods Of Adjusting Students During The Class
  • Mandatory Requirements During The Adjustment
  • Props Usage For Perfect Posture
  • Distribution Of Body Weight During A Posture
  • Well-being During Practice


  • Yoga Mat
  • Laptop Or Mobile Or I-Pad
  • Proper Internet Connections
  • Peaceful Environment For Practice
  • A Diary And Pen
  • A Consistency To Complete The Course


  • Age Group – All
  • Anyone Who Has A Passion For Yoga
  • Anyone Who Sees Yoga As A Career
  • Anyone Who Wants To Become Self-Employed
  • Anyone Who Wants To Become Independent Financially
  • Anyone Who Is Fitness Freak
  • Anyone Who Wants To Become Mentally Strong
  • Anyone Who Wants To Share Yoga Practices With Others

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Friday & Saturday

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AYS Foundation is a non-profit organization founded with an aim to help society in acheiving best physical, spirtual & mental health by following specific practices developed by “Guru Aacharya Kamlesh” a renowned Psychologist, Spiritual master & Life Coach. The baseline on which all our courses are designed is Yogic Science, Energy & Ancient Wisdom from saints & Sadhus.