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We at AYS Foundation provides complete Yogic Transformation programs blended with ancients Knowledge, Energy & Science. Wish how you would like to transform here we can talk and come to a conclusion.

Aadinath Yoga

Aadinath Yoga is a form of yoga as exercise with a focus on the structural & spiritual alignment of the physical body through the practice of asanas and initiation of divine energy flow in body.

Kundalini Yoga

Aadinath Kundalii Yoga builds strength and resilience. Our true strength comes from our core energy, not our muscles. If our energy reserves are low, we feel weak in body and in spirit, and our ability to persevere through the challenges of life diminishes.

Chetna Yoga

Aadinath Chetna Yoga is a program specifically designed for raising your consciousness. This program will is uniquely designed for people working in corporates, keeping an eye on time & efficiency.
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We at AYS Foundation believe in a simple philosophy “Knowledge Should be Shared”. Sharing knowledge is like sowing a new plant, if the receiver pours manure and water in form of hard work and effort, tree will grow & gives you fruits, else it will automatically end without hurting anyone.


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What People Say's About Us


We Believes In Improvement !

I have done an online kundalini activation course - shaktipat with them. Very positive influence. I have severe pain in heart, it reduced. Overall a positive energy. I wish I can go their ashram in Rajasthan. Direct contact will bring more positivity and solve my problems. Only sad thing is I'm in Kerala. But request to atleast try the free online meditation and healing programs . They gave you a positive shift towards life. Now looking for pain healing sessions.
Nisha Stancy
The course offered are Awesome , it brings clarity within . All emotional ,mental and physical blocks clears off. It enhances the observation and the step by step process brings awareness. What ever we have heard since childhood regarding inner colours, energy and peace etc., It is awesome experience. I have experienced all with in few days. In Gratitude to the whole team and masters.
Geeta Prakash
I don’t know much about Kundalini Yoga foundation but whatever I did it was amazing. In the starting days I was feeling a lot of pain in my shoulders and back I couldn’t even sleep after doing dynamic but when Guruji activated the Kundlini sudden it started reducing, I felt that energy inside me. If you really want to experience the energy u can surely go for this. All mentors are superbly coordinating with everyone. Taking the next step and going for the residential program at the Ashram
Vishal Gandhi

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    We have specifically designed programs for kids, adults, and couples. Our programs are developed by using Vedic practices, divine energy & a touch of science. All our programs are residential and online.

    Chakras in human body

    Kundalini Foundtion

    11 Day’s Foundation Program For Beginner’smulti-day concentrated to UNLEARN and LEARN About the strange Kundalini. Set up the body-mind for the climb with legitimate Yogic Tantra and Vedic practices. Figure out how to Clear blockages in the Human Energetic framework. A thorough comprehension of theory with an exemplified commitment of unobtrusive works on, including reflection, Transmission, thought and Self request.

    Transformation रूपांतरण

    This program will make a beginning for your journey to seek self-awareness, soul awakening & get enlightenment. under the guidance blessings of Guru, Acharya Kamlesh Sharma, this program will introduce seekers to their inner being and prepare them for working with divine energies and energies chakras, and aura.

    Yoga Kundalini

    Yogic Healers Prrogram

    Yogic Energy Healers Certificate Course is a well-designed certificate course for aspiring healers by Aadinath healing University under research from Aadinath Yogic Sciences Foundation. Aadinath Healing University has developed many aspiring yoga trainers and spiritual healers. They are now further researching the subjects and are serving society. After successful completion of your spiritual healing training, you’ll receive a certificate indicating that you’ve met the requirements for practicing as a professional healer.